Game Testing and It’s Types

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Gaming has always been a top-level priority for every section of society, and we all have a fun nostalgia associated with our young days. Today, as the gaming industry is revolutionizing, gamers are craving for unique features and platforms. Mobile Game Testing and Types is a deliberate, Organized, and efficient method to detect and nullify various errors and bugs in any game.

As we are in the 8th generation of gaming, the Game market is observing growth leaving behind several choices for the gamers to access and feel the real-world experience. Therefore, it is the duty of the production team and developers to keep up the gamers’ spirit high. They eliminate the cracks and crashes of a game which are visible. For this purpose, they test a particular game again and again in a nutshell.

The exciting fun side of mobile game testing is to play games and mask crashes/freezes in the game. However, game testing is not all about fun! You need to be extra focus to build your reliability. 

These glitches act as a hindrance to user-experience and progress throughout the gameplay. We test a game to pinpoint software defects and glitches in a game that were not intent by a game developer. Therefore, mobile game testing ensures the quality board of a specific game. As the process of development of each game is distinctly so, it’s better to have a clear-cut knowledge both inside and out.

‘Game tester dynasty’

Game testing- ‘A world of game-changers’

Game tester is known by the name Beta Tester. They are the test tigers who are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their role. It is often said that-‘A good tester should be the good bug-reporter’.

They test and predict the entire game map. They possess several characteristics namely,

  1. Endurance and evaluation skills
  2. Analytical and logical approach
  3. Expert in observing and communication
  4. Highly savvy by nature
  5. A crunch-worker indeed!

Game testing and Types flow: A-I-R-S-S

  • Analysis and inquire gameplay– The foremost step of a tester is to perceive the storyline of a game, study game flow, frame overlay, design, and various levels of a game accompanied by treasures and rewards.
  • Identify and detect– Testers go through a spin-to-spin rigorous testing after digging everything about a game.
  • Report – Testers reports, bugs and errors, thus discovered to developers for proper validation. Testers pour errors into a well-defined description of the origin clock in time of the bug, etc.
  • Scanning – Once the developer fixes the issues discovered and mentioned by a tester concerning the need, they again go it to testers lap for re-testing. Tester than ensure whether the issue is resolved.
  • Substantiate – At the final step testers verify the resolution of issues. Hence, the show is validated to be true.

Game Testing and Types Coverage:

Mobile Game Testing process a brand-new game through three stages. Namely,

Its main motive is to turn out a game to be possibly perfect that forecast fun and excitement in a gameplay journey. Further, β- testing is prone to several other mobile game testing where popular mobile game platforms are Android and iOS.

List of Game Testing and Types thunders:

Functionality test:

This test is the most popular and distinct. Here, a tester checks the key functionality of a game. In specific, they then finds its user interface issues which is affecting a game in any manner. For instance:- Audio quality test, visual elements, camera angles, graphics, animation clipping, screen resolution, display messages, game navigation, missing fonts and colors, textual errors, etc.

Compliance test:

Here the tester points out the contents which violate the guidelines of regulatory bodies, namely The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and The Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) and several others. For example-A game has to pass PAL test for authentication in several European countries, etc.

Compatible test:

This test ensures whether a particular game is following prominent devices and its configuration or not.
To instance – To install and check-in all different platforms or mobile devices.

Localization test:

It focuses on linguistic and visual test and check language translation specifying local time/date/currency, specific cultural references, etc.
For example- it checks the voice-over issues, natural flow of language, spellings. For instance, we write the Arabic language from right to left and several other similar issues.

Performance Test:

It checks the latency and tests the path and flow of a game. It illustrates the response of a game by monitoring network, power backup and servers.

Load/SUL test:

System under Load (SUL) identifies the memory crashes. We monitor a memory before the start of a test and after a test by an application. Soak testing checks the abnormal/misbehavior a system can show when used to play continuously for a longer time.

Multiplayer test:

Multi-player games require a seamless and uninterrupted gameplay journey. In Massively Multi-player Online (MMO) platforms, we check speed & accuracy. These platforms allow several people to share their time and objectives.

Artificial intelligence (AI):

It is the most trending thing in present times. AI bots develop challenges and complexity to users. Gamers consider themselves as a striker/fighter or else a real-world soldier in the battlefield. AI bots test ensure to enhance the competitive relevancy of a game.

Security test:

Games are prone to vulnerability. Security test enables to check external & internal threats, data breach, and exploitation of game hacking and secures game for the long run.

Regression test:

Once we have fixed the bug, regression testing allows checking if the bug is still there or eradicated. Thus, it is just a confirmation test to proceed with the game for further levels.

Global gaming world- Game testing and Types

With the bloom of all the gaming sectors. Mobile gaming tops the list by generating high revenue in the last decade and is even expected to rise by 59% in 2021. Research suggests that a good game strengthen one’s logical and analytical skills 10×times. It allows your brain to forecast amazing perception, navigation, and accuracy eventually expanding creativity.

VR technology has been an ongoing Gaming buzz and industry is all set to create fun features for their users where they can create an extraordinary emotional connection. In the gaming industry to avoid criticism and reduction in sales, feedback is taken way to seriously as feedbacks determine the inclusion/exclusion of specific features.

#Know your fan-club

Users expect Credibility and authenticity in any game. Simplicity is always a great virtue, but it’s not at the cost of a decrease in competitiveness.

Fundamental rule – “When in doubt about testing, keen to know your user”

#Cheers to the QA team

Testers ponder everything for a flawless game journey and faultless testing. Everything they do is error-free and high on perfection. Spawn point has a set of professional testers who work energetically to enhance your gaming journey.

#hunger for testing

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