Interrupt Game Testing in Mobile Games is about creating interruptions when a game runs in the foreground and resumes to a state before the interruption. Interrupt Testing is a subset of Functional Testing for a Mobile Application.

In addition, this Testing brings the real-life disruptions. Some points which we test are Bluetooth connectivity, Infra-red radiation, Call interruption, SMS, MMS, etc. With this test, we suggest useful solutions to a specific game.

Why you need this testing?

In particular, this allows you to test a game regarding devices, network, notifications, configurations, etc.

Henceforth, we at Spawn point plan these key external scenarios which interrupt a game. We then design the test cases and execute in the distinct real-world condition.


Looks Interesting? Then you are at the right place for your project. For this purpose, Spawn Point provides 3-Day Free Trial to developers so that, they experience the testing before paying anything and putting your trust particularly.

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