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What are the types of Testing we provide?

These are the few types of testing we provide (click the link to learn more about it).


What services are provided in 3-Day Free Trial ?

We usually look out for major bugs in the game and apart from that here are some list of services we provide in this period of time :

  • Smoke Testing (First 45 Minutes of Game Play)
  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing (Up to 5 devices)
  • Feedback and Suggestions
  • Daily Reports (Bugs / Errors – For Management)
  • Bug database management through “Trello” (For Developers)(if asked) OR As per developers bug tracking software.
  • NDA Compliance Testers
  • Phone, Email & Skype Support

We may need to start with Game Design Documents that may be verbal or written.

How much does it cost after 3-Day Free Trial ?

After providing you the features mentioned above, the price after the trials depends upon the Project and its Requirements.

Our Prices starts from only $20/per hour but as mentioned, it all depends upon the Project.

How do I apply for Game Testing job?

If you are interested in Testing Games and would like to join our team, drop us an email at info@spawnpointgaming.com

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Also, do follow us on all social media for latest job offers, exciting news about games and for awesome Gaming content !

What do Game Testers do?

Game testers helps a game development team by playing on-going versions of the game and reporting on any bugs they discover. Some of the game testers duties could include:

  • Play the build, search for bugs and other flaws.
  • When you discover a bug, find out how to replicate it, predict the type of that bug.
  • Report using the company’s bug tracking software.
  • Send the bug report to the game development team so that they can attempt to solve it.
  • After the Developer Team has resolved the issue, check it once again to confirm that it does not exist.

What qualities/requirements of game tester Spawn Point is looking for?

Since Game Tester Jobs don’t usually require any specific education, we look out for certain ‘Soft Skills’ in this industry. Some of them are :

  • Focus : You need to have a good attention span  & not get bored of a game even after you have been testing it for a long time. Eventually, the amount of work you put in a game will pay of to the Development Team as well as to the Users.
  • Detail Oriented : You need to be able to spot bugs, figure out how to make them happen predictably & describe the precise steps to the development team to help then find and fix the bugs.
  • Writing : You will be communicating with game development team and other personnel related to that certain projects via Email, Skype, Bug Tracking Software. This will require an expertise in speaking and writing English language
  • Attitude : We are looking for testers who have a good attitude, are hard workers & fun-loving teammates.

How can I learn Game Testing Skills?

There are several abilities you need to learn to get employed as a game tester: how to discover and reproduce bugs, how to create bug reports, and how to check that they have been corrected by the game development team. You will also need to know “soft abilities” like being a strong communicator, detail-oriented, and self-motivated.