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About Us

Spawn Point is a Mobile Game Testing Company for Game Developers and Publishers who have a target in mind to provide the best games to the world. Spawn Point provides the best testing experience to our developers with excellent service and quality so that they get hooked with the best experience behind the scenes (during the ALPHA and BETA) and after the game goes LIVE.

With over 3+ years of testing games, our aim is to offer complete end-to-end services to game Developers and Publishers, and our large range of services reflects this.


Functional Testing

  • Installation & Login
  • GUI
  • Regression
  • Structured and Ad-hoc
  • Sound and SFX Testing
  • Social Integration
  • In-App Purchases
  • Functional Localization

Device Compatibility Testing

  • 50+ devices including iOS and Android
  • Test the game on most popular devices in relevant geographies including top-end, mid-range, and bottom-feeders
  • Actively manage installed OS versions to ensure coverage of most supported ranges

Compliance Testing

Game compliance ensures that the game adheres to the regulations laid out by the manufacturers and clears the submissions at first go. At Spawn Point, we focus on:

  • iOS Compliance Checklist
  • Google Compliance Checklist

Ad-hoc & Destructive Testing

Ad-hoc testing and destructive testing at Spawn Point ensures that your game can respond to whims & fancies of everyone*, in a positive manner.

*This means millions of players. Hence, millions of player types.

Network and Interrupt Testing

  • Does your game support multiplayer? Or both? Well, network testing ensures your multiplayer mode is top notch. Network testing essentially tests how the game reacts to connectivity over the Internet / local network.
  • With over 1000+ interrupts throughout the game, we ensure that the game would run smoothly and the user is delivered 100% satisfaction.

Focus Group Testing

We provide a qualitative approach to ensure that the game is reviewed from an end user perspective. It is useful to gather feedback from various users and see if the game can reach out to a maximum amount of audience. We perform surveys and Play Test like:

  • Age and Gender based opinion
  • User Engagement in the game.
  • How Easy or Difficult is the game for players i.e. User Experience.

``We do the work we do because we love it. We love the industry. We love the people we meet. We like to talk about games. We embrace the nerds and gamers. We like to make the industry a better place. Hopefully, we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it better together.``

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