Compliance Testing


Video games are not just about becoming a critical hit on the market at the end of the day, but also about being financially favorable.To generate funds through a game, it must follow the rules of the First Party i.e Apple and Google.The efficiency and stability of the game on the devices of the end users is one of the main demands of the First Party.

Additionally, due to the quality of products published by other developers on their platform, no platform manufacturer would want their reputation to be tarnished or doubted.This is precisely why First Party has developed a submission process that is governed by the mandatory and proposed regulations that they have set.Any piece of program, software or video game

Focus on ensuring the game adheres to the laws and regulations of First Party.

When to test the Compliance of a Game?

Game compliance testing should be performed when a build hits Alpha milestones and supports complete test coverage and hassle-free submission. Our team conducts thorough testing of compliance on the basis of updated First Party rules and regulations to ensure that the first submission passes every time with its inventory of devices across all platforms (Android and iOS).

We use a range of tools for testing the compliance process. These tools contribute in tracking deficiencies, performance and stability monitoring.

This involves an experienced team to review that all boxes of the compliance checklist are checked.