Mobile Game Market Trends 2020

Gaming is considered as the soul of the entertainment industry and has seen a considerable amount of a hike from the early 90s itself. With the enhancement and continuous evolution of technology such as cross platforms, AR and VR, mobile games has been successful to drive game market ahead. This increasing popularity of mobile games […]

Game Testing and It’s Types

Game testing- ‘A world of game-changers’ Gaming has always been a top-level priority for every section of society, and we all have a fun nostalgia bomb associated with our young days. Today, gamers are craving for unique features and platforms. Until now, with the growth in the gaming industry, it has been possible. #HappyGameTesting! As […]

Stages Of Mobile Game Testing

Gone are the era when PC & Consoles games were the only best choice for video gamers. Now, mobile gaming has become the biggest player in the video game market. Subsequently, Android & IOS mobile games have successfully hit new heights all across the globe. The complexity and competitiveness of mobile games is at its […]

Trending Genres Of Mobile Gaming 2019-2020

Gaming was formerly a leisure practice, but now it has transformed into a ‘billion-dollar industry’ where several marketers, advertisers, and gaming companies are keeping their eye on. All the games that come to market fall into various pre-defined categories. These categories are called a ‘Genre of Game’. All genres of game have their own specific […]

Diverse Careers Of Gaming In India – A Sprouting Industry!

The gaming industry has become the largest chunk in the entertainment industry. It has come a long way from being a monochromatic to exceptional industry with its humongous audience and zillion of opportunities. Unlike the old days, where games where unmapped territory. Now, India is becoming a hub for gaming companies and with that Indian […]

Bugs In Mobile Games & Its Types

Despite of hike in the mobile gaming industry and hundreds of prototypes produced by leading companies such as Sony, Microsoft, etc. there are still some game bugs and glitches found in the game designs of mobile games. Although, Game Developers want each of their mobile games to be bug-free, but due to game updates and […]