Diverse Careers Of Gaming In India – A Sprouting Industry!

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The gaming industry has become the largest chunk in the entertainment industry. It has come a long way from being a monochromatic to exceptional industry with its humongous audience and zillion of opportunities.

Unlike the old days, where games where unmapped territory. Now, India is becoming a hub for gaming companies and with that Indian gaming community is also blossoming with a “kick at the can” to all game lovers.

Is gaming your forte?

Are you willing to build a career in gaming?

Want to prove nagging parents wrong?

Is society being sometimes unappreciated and overly criticized for your game addiction?

Then you are at the correct place.

Turn your passion into living!

Every game lover grows up with a dream of making a living from it. And it’s like a feast for gamers to create a game with proper designing and testing. Gamers now love to connect through vivid gaming communities and share their insights.

Broadly Gaming Industry is classified into 2 categories

  • Development Phase
  • Testing Phase

Let’s have a look at some of the gratifying careers in both categories which is enriching gaming industry to bloom and groom.

Development Phase – The game development phase showcase creative outlet. It ensures to create and build a game which facilitate to enhance user-experience.

GAME DEVELOPERS – Game developers develop games for various platforms. They specialize in programming, design, art, testing.

GAME PROGRAMMERS – If you have proficiency in coding, and creativity is your skill. Then, Game Programmer is your cup of tea.

  • Game Programmers firstly develops base engine of game, tools of game development, Execution of game mechanics, UIs for games, employs real-world physics. AI programmers establish pathfinding & simulate strategy and enemy tactics. Game programmers create the codes using programming languages like Java, C#, PHP, Oracle, JavaScript, SQL series.

GAME DESIGNERS – Game designing job is the fantasy of game lovers. Game designers or level designers are regarded as the architect of a game. They are the visual artist who put down the environment, levels, characters, etc. everything aligned with the story flow. Game designers collaborate with other core game artists and audio engineers to advance spark on the gameplay features.

GAME ANIMATOR/ARTIST – Do you remember the good old childhood days? When sketching and painting was the all-time favorite thing. Yes! It’s time to take back sketchbooks. Game Animators create and control the texture and effects (Scenery, Objects, landscapes, fluid movements) in a game.

  • They are the ones who give life to characters.
    SOUND DESIGNER/ AUDIO ENGINEERS – They drive in the motion of a game by adding all the required soundtracks and sound effects in a game, with proper arrangement of background music, pop-up music, etc.

INTERPRETERs/TRANSLATORs (Localization Expert) – Ready to localize your game?

For maximum playability of a game across international market, “trans-creation” is very much crucial.

  • The role of translators is to culture local languages in a specific game. Native languages help to reconstruct everything and make people connect over. Interpreters are the clever peeps who escalate the reach of a specific game to a broader audience by proper translation and dubbing of a game. They keep and generate linguistic assets by revising the game.

NARRATIVE DESIGNERS – Do you Love to share the gameplay story? If your answer is yes!
Then you are perfectly fit for this position.

The global gaming market and translational services are growing relative. Gameplay and narrations are inspired by real-world, which connect the gamers from the beginning of a game to the entire version of game. Narrative designers increase resembling and connectivity among audiences.

Some of the skills required in a gaming industry are:

TESTING PHASE : Game Tester role requires a basket full of commitment and sky-high perseverance. They find out the graphical errors and malfunctions in a game. But, indeed it is a fulfilling experience.

Well QA community includes;

QUALITY ASSURANCE LEAD (Manual/Automation) – As the title suggests- QA lead guide the way to game testers.

QA Lead Tester position requires a good amount of experience, as they emphasize the quality of testing service and mainly focus on automation along with manual testing. They administer the process cycle as per the desired game testing goals. Their responsibilities include to raise the gaming bar & carry out plans for game testing, test phases and several other test cases for a video game.

QA ENGINEERS (Manual/Automation) – Are you interested to upkeep game quality?

QA engineers test the game as per the gamer’s viewpoint in real conditions but with a technical approach. They track the work process from scratch till the required output. QA Engineer’s maintain & undergo automated tests through programming skills and make sure game builds follow required guidelines and is free from errors in regression test.

ASSOCIATE QA LEAD – Associate QA people assist QA Lead or work under QA managers, they specifically guide and administer the team of testers. Their main responsibility is to develop test procedures and plans (manual/automated).

QA TESTERS – Do you have a zeal in gaming?

Then Career in game testing would be best for you!

Game testers work really hard to foster quality in games. They are the ones who play the game, analyze it, find out game bugs/errors and finally frame out bug reports & suggestions to the developer team. They are grouped into several sub-divisions like:


QA ANALYST – Quality is the foremost important step in every game process. If observation and analysis is your key, Then Career as a QA analyst works for you. QA analyst detects errors, documenting issues and ensure errors are corrected. They report to the developer and programmer teams for solutions. QA analyst give the last stamp of approval before the game is released to public.

Starting a career in gaming isn’t an easy task. Once you are into it, you only have to follow 1 golden rule-

PERFORM-RISE HIGH- REPEAT (A lucrative gaming career, indeed!)

If you want to be in the midst of some exciting games, make your passion of playing games to a profession which provides handsome remunerations and unhindered career. However, Competition in the gaming sector is fierce but there are amateurs who started just like you and now marking their presence with talent and dedications. You just need to keep on doing what you love.

‘Be determined & persevere’

Hope it works like a catalyzer to you.

Dear Peeps,
Spawn Point wishes you all the best in this promising gaming industry,

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