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We have successfully completed these projects and these are some remarks we have received from them !!

White Box Gaming

White Box Gaming - Bugology

“Spawn Point saved the day. We recently finished building our first mobile app using Unity called “Bugology”. Bugology is an educational hide & find style video game. Players collect different bugs and learn fun facts about them in the bug book. It took about 4 months to build the game from scratch. When we finished, we had a hard time finding beta testers to help find the “bugs” in the game and write detailed reports about them. We asked for help on the Unity forums and Spawn Point replied offering their services.

Micah Holmes – Directory of Technology




“Making a game is three legs. Developing, Testing and Marketing. Without any one of the three, your game will have no success. So testing is crucial. ‘Annoy a Fly’ is our first commercial game and we haven’t tried outsourcing the testing phase before. Thanks to Spawn Point Gaming, we have that experience now and our testing process has been professionally carried out.

With them discovering important bugs in unexplored corners of our game, we have got rid of unexpected failures. They use variety of devices and they can send videos and images with the bug report to let us clearly know what the bugs are. I can say that they love testing and they’re devoted to doing their business, so I would like to work with them again. “



Game developer - Blob King!

We highly recommend SPAWN POINT GAMING!

Although we tested our game a lot before publishing there were some major issues which we didn’t detected but SPAWN POINT GAMING did. With their excellent documentation / Bug report we easily fixed the bugs and uploaded a newer version so that we avoided bad comments.
Really good work due to:
1. Perfect documentation
2. Finding all issues

Game Developer – Rike Games!
Frankfurt, Germany