“Game studios are most concerned with finding the right Game QA partner for game testing requirements. Spawn Point Gaming is the most popular service provider for several game studios, from indie studios to game publishers.

What is Functional testing?

We perform Functional Testing to test the game functionality and details. We check all the game design and progress. For example, this testing tests the game operation, such as testing the navigational functions and much more.

What do you test in Functional Testing?

This testing aims primarily to verify the functions of the game. It works primarily as:

Basic Usability: Tests if a user can navigate on the screen without issues.

Accessibility: Checks user error system accessibility; use of test techniques to check for failure conditions. It verifies that we communicate error messages.

There are various types of functional testing that are carried out at Spawn Point:

Smoke Testing

A quick test that makes sure a build is functionally stable before sending it for the QC teams for proper testing.



White Box Testing

Testing the game where all the documents related to the game features and how they function are provided.




Black Box Testing

Testing the game without having any game-play or any of the games feature documents.


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