Gaming has seen a considerable amount of hike from the early 90’s itself. It is considered as the soul of the entertainment Industry. Newzoo reports claims that, among the top 3 popular applications in the present times, Mobile gaming secures its position on 3rd.

Gaming has seen a considerable amount of hike from the early 90’s itself. It is considered as the soul of the entertainment Industry. Newzoo reports claims that, among the top 3 popular applications in the present times, Mobile gaming secures its position on 3rd.

Today 63% of mobile gamers are female and 37% are male. As such, Female gamers are considered 31% more valuable than male gamers.

It has been observed over the span of years, that the players/ gamers have evolved drastically from card, puzzles, action, adventures to present popular arcade and multiplayer battle arena. This marks the necessity to the creators and developers of the game to meet the demands of users with fun engagement and to bring out change in the gaming market.

Avid gamers are gamers who spend 9+ hours a week playing games on smartphones.

Global Gaming Market based on device type

Games can be played on any platform like PC, console, tablets, and smartphones. Among all these options Mobile Gaming tops the list with a collection of more than half of revenue across different sectors and platforms.

Yes! Smartphones- whole world in pocket.

Considering Asia market alone, 71% of gamers play a game via smartphones only. With access to good internet connectivity (4G/5G) and improved digitalization, mobile gaming has increased its revenue to 50% and more.

Research stats from ‘Newzoo’ states that 2.4 billion smartphone users have played mobile games this year i.e. 2019.

India has 345,916,000 smartphone users next to China and is entitled to a special focused country in mobile gaming Industry.

Top Mobile Gaming Companies in 2019

Gameloft (Paris) Gangstar Vegas, Asphalt Series
ZKING.COM (MALTA) Candy Crush Saga
SUPERCELL (Finland) Clash of clans
NIANTIC (US Pokémon Go
TENCENT (CHINA) PUBG Mobile, Honor of kings
NINTENDO (JAPAN) Mario kart tour, The legend of Zelda
EPIC GAMES (US) Fortnite
ROVIO (FINLAND) Angry Birds Arcade

P.S: The above order is arranged irregular and do not represent superiority.

 Top 5 Countries by revenue in Mobile Gaming

According to the Newzoo latest reports, the USA stands at No.1 position with$ 36,864 M by game revenue defeating China which is at 2 position with 36,543 M.

Then comes Japan, South Korea, and Germany with $18,952 M, $6,144 M, $6,012 M respectively. These countries have successfully boiled the ocean of mobile gaming with high revenues.

Gaming Market regional divisions

  • APAC – China and Japan are the two dominant countries of this region. India and Thailand are also showing appreciative growth in this present era.

  • EUROPE – Europe has provided tremendous space for mobile gaming and market. It is placed at peak with some top most mobile gaming companies.

  • MENA – Middle East and North Africa is considered as the most agile gaming community.

  • NORTH AMERICA – This region has emerged out to be a most promising and chief leader in mobile gaming and ranks No.1 by game revenue.

  • SOUTH AMERICA – After 2011 South America has popped up as a strong gaming region with substantial growth in gaming region.

The Asia- Pacific (APAC) region continues to dominate all other region by producing a game revenue of $72.2 billion, i.e. 47% of total game revenue.

Global Market Revenue

Presently, Mobile gaming has achieved 45% of revenue globally so far in 2019 and is expected to reach US$188.5 B by 2024.

Mobile Gaming is predicted to become a $100 billion industry by 2021 with a market share of 730%.

Current Trends in Mobile Game Industry

  • Augmented Reality Gaming & Virtual reality – The introduction of these high technologies enables a gamer to roll off interactive visual experience of real-world within semantic contexts. It intensifies real-world elements and blends real and virtual world with proper 3D effects.

    Almost 8 on 10 people agree that immersion of augmented gaming enhances the interest and mobility of a particular game.

    Some Augmented games are Pokémon Go, Temple treasure hunt, and many more.

  • Cloud Gaming – It is a type of online gaming that provides seamless play to end-users. Video and file streaming are the two principal methods of cloud gaming.

    The already present cloud gaming technologies are SaaS, Baas and now GaaS has introduced.

    Through cloud gaming, games can be rendered, stored and played on game servers anytime and anywhere possible without even downloading a specific game.

    It also nullifies the chances of piracy and manipulations from any external source, as the game is run over cloud servers.

    Cloud computing comes with an add-on feature of usage of multiple devices and users can play multiple games at a time.

  • Cross-Platform technology – Cross-platform play or cross-play is the advance feature. It permits different gaming platforms to access the same gaming servers and play together regardless of the platform one is playing.

    Fortnite, Gears5, Call of duty are some games supporting cross-platform play.

  • Block-chain based games – BlockChain technology has already paved its way in web games and is ready to make an appearance on this emerging mobile gaming era.

    Block-chain games are nothing, but localized games built on Ethereum, EROS, TRON block-chains. It allows players to trade virtual assets.

    The biggest significance is that one can find reusable game assets, i.e. assets earned throughout or to the end of the game are not bound to only one particular game rather it can be used to improve the ranking in another game.

    Block-Chain games adheres transparency and reduces scams with better transaction rate. One such game is ‘CRYPTOKITTIES’.

  • Multiplayer mobile gaming – Gone are the days when we used to invite friends for a play through social media platforms. But now, Multiplayer mobile gaming is showing its full potential and is highly positioned shaking up the gaming industry.

    Now people are going gaga over PUBG Mobile, Adventure Quest 3D, Asphalt 9 and several others.

    These games increase user interaction by easy communication with real-world people rather than AI- bots, eventually shooting up competitiveness and partnership in a game.

In this fast-paced generation, the Gaming market is expanding exponentially more than ever. Mobile gaming company is also facing competitive situations to deliver choicest, High-quality storytelling is expected by game lovers all across the globe.

It would be fascinating to see a complete plan of action with some robust solutions accompanied by the finest technology advancements for a better gaming world.


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