Trending Genres Of Mobile Gaming 2019-2020

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Gaming was formerly a leisure practice, but now it has transformed into a ‘billion-dollar industry’ where several marketers, advertisers, and gaming companies are keeping their eye on.

All the games that come to market fall into various pre-defined categories. These categories are called a ‘Genre of Game’. All genres of game have their own specific gameplay characteristics, I.e. levels, storyline and competitiveness, etc.

Back in the 90s, an exemplary ‘Super Mario’ series paved ways to establish and revolutionize various games available today in different genres.

Thank you, Mario!

So what are they?


With the growing possibilities and opportunities in the gaming world, new concepts of user-interface games are also evolving tremendously.

Today, Games are so popular between men and women that gaming apps are one of the top active mobile phone applications.

Overwhelming! (It is)

Now, we have different genres of games to go depending upon the mood and time of an individual.

Whatever may be your taste in gaming, there’s truly a room for everyone’s game style.

But what is typically a game genre?

How is Mobile games classified into various genres?

Why there is a need to do that?

And do the stats follow stereotypes?

These are some questions that we will answer before moving further.

Because we believe that ‘A good Gameplay generate conversions‘

Ready, Get Set, And Go! (Hurrah)

Firstly, Genres are a broad diversity of games distinguished from other games based on gameplay features through a process called ‘’genrefication’’.

This genrefication enables the development and expansion of the game market for target audiences.


For Example – Strategy games are widely divided into Real-time strategy games (RTS) and Turn-based strategy games (TBS).

Let’s delve into getting to know popular mobile game genres that are shaking the world.

Top 7 Mobile game genres that will ride in the global gaming market 2020

Hyper Casual Games

‘Quick-Fun & Compelling’

Certainly, hyper-casual games are the best match for smartphones, with its small game loops and minimalist UX designs. And so, because of the simple tap and swipe options and amazing user experience available to play, these genres of games lead people to addictive zone.

Although, in recent times it has come to our notice that super successful hyper-casual games in 2019 are made by KETCHAPP, VOODOO, and LION STUDIOS.

Some popular hyper-casual games are- Helix Jump, Rider, Ball-smasher, etc.

Action Games

Action games have recently made us blown away by their huge demand and entertainment. Therefore, the two genres battle royale and shooter games are also currently stacked under Action Games in both Appstore and Play-store.

Of course, all thanks to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite Battle Royale for their massive admiration and marketable gameplay in this era.

Action games deal with continuous survival and exploration with minimal equipment, guns, and armor.

For Example- Call Of Duty® Mobile

NOTE- Battle Royale and Hyper Casual Games are the best and most played games that dominated in 2019.

Role-Playing Games

RPG games provide fantastic gameplay elements. It aims to handle enemies equally with the hunt for resources like weapons, armor, foods, and tools, etc. It offers 3D rich expertise with HD graphics.

All the RPG games follow variations in their fundamental mechanisms by changing their Core and Meta-games. That is the reason. Now we can experience RPGs in any kind of genre, whether adventure, strategy, action or sport.

The most successful games are Empire and Puzzle: RPG Quest, AFK Arena, Summoners Wars, and Darkness Rises.

Sport games

These games are designed for all die-hard sports fans. The availability of short game sessions in the sports game is the only difference between virtual sports and real sports.

One feature of sports games is that it can re-create and capture all the real-world fun elements. In fact, it exhibits the same level of sportsmanship which makes virtual sports games more interactive.

Herein, the Opposition side in sport games is steered by artificial bots or real players (multi-player).

For Example- NBA 2K20, 8 Ball Pool, True Skate, Flip Dunk, Golf Clash.

Racing Games

Racing is a driven up competitive genre and provides a head-to-head challenge. It makes a player triumph over the other players. It can be an open-world game or can follow the golden path.

Racing games accounts for some meta-game (Car Development) but they vary in core games (Tapping/steering/timing, etc.)

The most popular games are-Asphalt Series i.e. Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9 in 2019, Hill Climb Racing, Bike Race: Free Style Games, Earn to Die 2

Strategy Games

Strategy games demand high situational awareness from a player i.e. reaction time, logical approach, etc. It can be a single-player or multi-player gameplay against various artificial intelligence bots. This makes a player to navigate through composite locations and solve puzzles. In the present time, strategy games possess high monetization and high revenue growth.

NOTE- ‘Clash of Clans’ is the unchallenged supreme ruler of the strategy game.

Broadly Strategy Games are classified to.

  1. Real-Time Strategy (RTS)- Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, Ancestors Legacy.
  2. Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) – Battletech and many more.

Simulation Games

It is a fine genre of game, which is gaining popularity gradually. This lets players go role-play fictional activities of the main character in the real-world.

This can be construction and management simulations, theme simulations or sports simulations.
SimCity Buildit and Sim mobile is the most appropriate example of simulation games.

Hybrid games– It is the modern approach that enhances the likelihood of a game. Genre-bending or genre-hopping is the term used for hybrid games.

Among which the most popular genre is ‘Action-Adventure fusion’.

It is generally an open-world game with a hybrid genre, I.e. a fusion of both action and adventure under one platform. It includes several levels of difficulties both long and short term. It holds fast-paced action sequences that trigger a player in the long run of a game.

NOTE-The Action of Zelda is considered, as an all-time, best action-adventure game.

Other hybrid games include Shooter-RPG, Strategy-RPG, and what not?

Hybrid games are like savory snack enriched with the tanginess of vivid gameplays and goodness of game mechanics.

Bingo! Hybrid games are more fun indeed.

Sources: Technavio, Statista, Superdata, Apptopia.

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