Stages Of Mobile Game Testing

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Gone are the era when PC & Consoles games were the only best choice for video gamers. Now, mobile gaming has become the biggest player in the video game market. Subsequently, Android & IOS mobile games have successfully hit new heights all across the globe.

The complexity and competitiveness of mobile games is at its peak, therefore alpha and beta testing have become the validation methodologies to be accomplished before the launch of a game.

Unquestionably, Alpha and Beta testing increase the success of a game as it mainly focuses on discovering the bugs and evaluate the quality of a game.

Mobile Game Testing is an obligatory method in a mobile game development phase. As it allows you to discover and document out bugs in a mobile game which may hinder the user experience in a worst way.

For instance, Mobile Game Testing is regarded as a fragment of Mobile Game Development. It has become one of the most growing industry in the present scenario and is expected to grow 59% by 2021.

To put it differently, QA process of a mobile game requires multi-functional QA testers. They are the technical game savvy people who help you find smallest of drawbacks in a mobile game specifically in real condition.

Generally, mobile game development needs to pass from several levels of mobile game testing, to make it pleasing and user friendly for the public.
Therefore, it is the responsibility of every game developer to ensure the optimum quality of a mobile game from scratch till the decisive stage of a mobile game.

Let’s throw some light on Game Development Cycle








We believe that- “Happiness is playing well” To achieve this goal, a mobile game should trail from the below-mentioned stages to upkeep user-experience in a game.

Stages of Mobile Game Testing:

#001 Closed Alpha Mobile Game Testing : –

It is the preliminary game testing stage where a QA Testers finds out glitches and errors that may crash a game.

Alpha mobile game testing is done corresponding to or near to the end of a mobile game development process. It occurs at a stage where a game is 60%-80% finished. Alpha mobile game testing deals with a black box and white box techniques.

The fundamental aim:–Importantly, quality assurance and Game Management are the two principles of the alpha mobile game testing.

Alpha testers refine & filter major bugs and glitches in a game. that where not intended by a game developer during the development of a mobile game.

Who is involved in Alpha Mobile Game Testing?

Alpha mobile game testing takes long execution cycle. It is the in-house testing process. Specifically, alpha testing is done by alpha testers who are the internal testers of the organization.

Alpha Mobile Game Testers on the role

Advantages of Alpha Testing

  1. Spotlight of major bugs and glitches in a mobile game at an early stage.
  2. At this stage of mobile game development maximum information regarding game bugs and errors is pass on to game developers. So, that game developers rectify the issues and land on to next stage of Beta Mobile game testing seamlessly.

#002 Closed Beta Mobile Game Testing : –

Closed Beta Mobile Game Testing is the second most critical stage (after a series of successful alpha tests) of mobile game testing.

It allows to find out functionality errors in a mobile game that hinders or blunders the mobile game experience.

The aim is to carry out a game and get user’s feedback on the game and make changes accordingly.

Beta mobile game testing only uses black box testing technique.

Who is involved in Beta Mobile Game Testing?

The Beta QA testers in this phase ranges from several hundred to several thousands who might be outsourced or even can be end users.

Beta testers find out bugs (document & report) and send it to the people in charge of (Game developers) in a defined way.

Advantages of Beta Mobile Game Testing?

  1. Short execution cycle with maximum functionality tests.
  2. Improves game quality and reduces game failure risk through feedbacks from end users.

#003 Open Beta mobile Game Testing : –

It is the final mobile game testing stage before shipping a mobile game to end users. At this stage of mobile game development, a game should be 80%-90% release ready.
a real
This stage of Mobile Game Testing ensures to build and higher the user-experience in a real environment.

Any game at this stage is production ready and devoid of major glitches and bugs.

Open Beta Mobile Game Testing upgrade the functionalities and gameplay of a game by making it available to public.

So, the focus of QA testers is to consider the feedbacks and reviews from general end users to build up the game potentially.


#004 Live/Gold Mobile Game Test:

Time-to-Market At this phase, the game is all set to bloom out in a flying color.

This is the last stage where a game is published in front of the game audience or is ready to release globally in real-environment.
At this stage also, feedbacks and reviews from game users are accepted and are tried to correct as the issue arises.

In this stage over 95% of bugs or glitches are resolved if it progresses from all the above stages.

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With the rise of popularity of mobile games and with coherent elevation in the mobile game market industry, it is the responsibility of mobile game development team to not only build a game which is error free but to make the testing process happen for the end users.

A good game aids you to have a high ROI with user satisfactions.

Not all games are direct revenue generating, today many mobile games are being released to the market but very few achieve and build the trust of end users because of the presence of minute bugs and errors in a game.

No matter how many tests you perform or how many bugs you encounter, your game is useless if the end users doesn’t like it.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of QA team to find and filter the bug issues before any game reaches out a broad spectrum of end users.

Mobile Game Testing is not an easy task as it sounds, only a potential game tester or game testing vendors will get through a game seamlessly and effortlessly.

QA testers cohesively and hastily tackles mobile game testing challenges.

Want to launch a bug-free mobile game?

Spawn Point can help you achieve this goal!

We offer various mobile game testing services for you, namely Ad hoc testing, Compatibility testing, Compliance testing, Functionality testing, Rooted android device check, Interrupt testing and many more..

To make a game more potentially powerful and error-free increasing maximum user satisfaction and re-alibility towards the game.



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