Bugs In Mobile Games & Its Types

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Despite of hike in the mobile gaming industry and hundreds of prototypes produced by leading companies such as Sony, Microsoft, etc. there are still some game bugs and glitches found in the game designs of mobile games.

Although, Game Developers want each of their mobile games to be bug-free, but due to game updates and upgrades we see more bugs often today than before. Game developers, however, fix bugs and defects through various updates and upgrades even after they release a mobile game.

The game always excites,” no matter what.

Overall, mobile games have been a blessing to us since our childhood days. It is like a boon companion filled with some fun & memorable experience beyond capture.


As we know, No game is perfectly bug-free. Therefore, bugs and glitches can be helpful or mostly game-breaking.

Bugs are flaws that go unnoticed or unsolved by the production team during the time of a game build. Presence of severe bugs or glitches in a game cannot create an excitement which it should convey. A mobile game plagued by Bugs is the worst nightmare for a developer.

For example, bugs can deform visuals, invariable speed movements, bugs/Bunny hopping, game-play defects, crackling sound produced, malformed textures, collisions, Textual problems, Inconsistency in music, Physics error, Uninvited graphical errors and similar.


QA testers are the superheroes who spot bugs inside a mobile game. They duplicate and documents a bug report to developers. The developer solves the bug issues identified by a QA tester and enhance user-interface experience.

And this loop of game testing cycle continues.


Here are 3 types of game Bugs/Glitches found in game testing;

For instance, there are some mobile game bugs which disturb the gaming journey.

Crashing: When a game freezes or closes, it affects your progress. Usually, the game does not headway after a crash. Crashes impact user experience and are troublesome. Therefore, developers often prioritize this issue the most.

Graphic Glitches: They are the random distortions found in any object and characters within a game. Namely, missing textures, absurdly flawed mechanics, broken physics error are some game glitches in an open world game.

Gameplay Defects: Gameplay defects cause disadvantages to a player as it obstructs a player from following an actual gameplay which s/he will follow.

Textual Errors: Every game strings specifically to some storyline. Textual errors deal with incorrect translations, mis-typed, mis-placed and unaligned texts. This issue can turn to be a severe problem when following narrative games.

Audio Problems: It includes sound play and music in a particular game-play. As we all know, while playing a game, background music sets us in a good vibe. Audio bugs occur when sound quality isn’t properly render.

For example, wrong lip syncing, looping effect, improper dialogues etc. are some of audio problems thus faced.

Collisions: Collision glitches are flawed trajectories, invariable motion, wrong collision between two objects, etc. Collision glitches often occur because of integration of false real-world mechanics with 3D objects.

How to find game bug?

It’s the time to catch them!!

Particularly, mobile game testing is an organized and deliberate effort to identify and detect bugs. It ensures the quality of gameplay in a game. Mentioned below are some game testing thunders.

Steps to squash bugs!

(Game Developers serotonin level drops!)

Game developers are conscientious to squash-out all the bugs & glitches in a mobile game inspected by a QA Testers. They undergo following steps;

Bug-free game

Games are never perfect, but game developers and testers emphatically try hard to make it best that it probably can be.

On the positive side, games teach us it doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing. Although there will always be a space for improvement.

“Gamers wishing for a perfect game in this imperfect world”.

Will someone end up perfecting the game?

Only time will show us the update, but regardless drop the comment and tell us about your favorite mobile game and a bug you encountered recently.

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